Review: “Pandora: the World of AVATAR”

I finally got to experience Disney’s newest themed land at Animal Kingdom this past Sunday! It’s been a long six years since the land was first announced, but it has finally been completed, and thanks to Anual Passholder previews, I’m able to review the new land for everyone.

All in all, I love this land. The atmosphere is amazing and definitely on par with Diagon Alley at Universal. There are tons of photo opportunities and places to explore. The food and drinks are served at two locations, Sa’tuli Canteen (a counter service restaurant) and Pongu Pongu (a drink stand). Both were delicious, unique, and interesting. As you may or may not already know, there are two main rides in this land, Flight of Passage (a simulator ride similar to Soarin’ at Epcot) and Na’vi River Journey (a slow moving boat ride similar to it’s a small world). Flight of Passage was amazing! It definitely is not the best Disney ride in the world as some have claimed, but is very well done, and probably the best simulator ride in the world (at least that I’ve been on). There are many special effects that add to the experience of the ride, and it was all very cool and well done. I’d have to say the biggest letdown about the land would have to be Na’vi River Journey. It could have been way better if it included more audio animatronics (or at least limited motion figures) of the fauna from Pandora. But overall, this is a very solid addition to Animal Kingdom, and enhances my favorite park in Florida.



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