Disney’s Hollywood Studios Overhaul: Armchair Imagineering Park Plan

Hello readers! Today I’m going to outline my ideas for Disney’s Hollywood Studios: the Hollywood that never was, but always will be. Let’s get to it.


The Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride is a wonderful, classic attraction that works as a perfect way to show the park’s mission and act as its thesis statement. The problem with it is that it has become horribly outdated. I would refurbish the attraction and re-create the faces for all of the Audio Animatronics meant to represent a specific actor’s face, I’d have the ride use less pre-recorded narration and more narration from the live tour guide. Finally, I’d resore the Busby Berkeley scene to its original glory, and I’d add more detail to the Mary Poppins, Casablanca, and Fantasia scenes.


Star Wars Land

I’m honestly very happy with the way the plans for this currently look. The only things I would add are an A-ticket attraction similar to the peoplemover, to add kinetic energy to the land, and I’d add an indoor dueling rollercoaster. One side would have ride vehicles made to look like X-Wings, and one side made to look like TIE Fighters.


Toy Story Land (PIXAR Place)

Unlike Star Wars land, I’m very unhappy with the way plans the plans currently look for this land. I’d like to revive the concept of PIXAR Place here. I’d include a suspended rollercoaster themed to Monsters Inc., a standalone version of Radiator Springs Racers from Disney’s California Adventure, and an E-ticket ride based on The Incredibles, along with a few other things.


Muppet Courtyard

I’d like to add the formerly planned Muppet Movie Ride. I suggest doing a little research on those plans if you have some spare time, they’re quite interesting.


Animation Courtyard

I’d remove Star Wars Launch Bay and move all of the offices behind it to connect Animation Courtyard to the end of Sunset Boulevard. Somewhere along the connector I’d put in a trackless LPS ride based on Mickey Mouse. I’d also update Disney Junior Live with some newer Disney Junior shows, and I’d like to either replace or update the Little Mermaid stage show.


Sunset Boulevard 

I’d remove Rockin’ Rollercoaster, Sunset Showcase, and Beauty and the Beast Live. I’m not sure what to replace them with yet though. I’d also update Fantasmic.


Indiana Jones and the Lost Expedition

I’d revive this old plan from Adventureland, but slightly altered. The land would include a rollercoaster, a water coaster, and an EMV ride. These rides wouldn’t be clones of any rides similar to them around the world.


Guardians of the Galaxy land (Working Title)

I’d include a rollercoaster/dark ride hybrid and retheme Star tours to match the land.


Sorry that this post is undetailed, I ran out of time. Expect a post soon with infrastructure and locations. See ya!


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