Epcot Ideas: Infrastructure

So I’ve recently received some feedback on my Epcot ideas post, and I wish to address a concern people had, which is infrastructure. I was mainly asked where most of my ideas would be located and what would happen to any backstage facilities affected by my ideas. I’ve created some maps showing where all new infrastructure will go (this includes new buildings and current building expansions).


Light Blue = Sky Pavilion

Dark Blue = Seas Pavilion building expansion

Yellow = Universe of Energy building expansion

Purple = Space Pavilion building expansion

Green = New Horizons Pavilion

Red = New World of Motion Pavilion

Orange = Test Track expanded outdoor track (which I’ve decided to switch back to being outdoors, except with some scenery hiding visible backstage areas).



Orange = Canadian Pavilion new ride (some of which would take over the O Canada circle vision show)

Light Red = Polynesian Islands Pavilion (with a water coaster through a volcano with a story relating to Polynesian mythology)

Dark Purple = U.K. Pavilion new ride (a smaller version of the London Eye with facades blocking views of backstage areas)

Light Blue = Greek Pavilion (with a dark ride through Greek mythology)

Dark Green = Indian Pavilion

Brown = Moroccan Pavilion new ride (based on 1,001 Nights)

Pink = Russian Pavilion

Light Purple = Italian Pavilion new ride (a gondola ride through the canals of Venice)

Light Gray = Swiss Pavilion (with a Matterhorn bobsleds coaster)

Dark Gray = German Pavilion new ride (Rhine River Cruise boat ride)

Tan = Spainis Pavilion

Yellow = Egyptian Pavilion (with a pyramid escape ride)

Dark Red = Chinese Pavilion new ride (a Chinese Dragon themed mini coaster)

Dark Blue = Norwegian Pavilion Maelstrom building expansion

Light Green = Brazilian Pavilion (with a skyway ride through Brazil dark ride)


My philosophy when it comes to armchair imagineering is that relatively speaking, it’s better to move existing infrastructure and reroute service roads than it is to keep them if they’re messing up the flow of a park or a park’s ability to expand. In this particular case, all of the backstage facilities that would have to be moved by my ideas would be moved to and condensed in the current Cast Member parking lot (behind Test Track), and the Cast Member parking would be moved to the 2 sections of the guest parking lot that are not in use. I really don’t know if these infrastructure plans for backstage facilities are good, as I am not a Cast Member, but I’m just doing this as a hobby and not designing the actual future of the park, so I think I can allow backstage facilities to be a little bit of an afterthought.

Something else that was brought up to me was the opinion that rides detract from World Showcase, and I agree with this to a certain extent. My opinion is that if a ride tries to force fictional characters into real world locations (like Gran Fiesta Tour and Frozen Ever After do) it detracts from World Showcase, but if the ride uses characters, stories, and/or locations from the history, mythology, literature, or culture of the country, then it enhances World Showcase. Just my two cents.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. See ya real soon!


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