Animal Kingdom: Armchair Imagineering

Hello readers! Here is my post with an overview of my armchair imagineering ideas for Animal Kingdom.

Starting on Discovery Island, the hub of this park, I’d like to replace the 3D film, “It’s Tough to be a bug.” The Tree of Life Theatre is this park’s icon, and because of that, I think the attraction inside of it should act as a mission statement for the park. I’d put in a film explaining the history of the park and how Animal Kingdom helps conservation around the world.


Dinoland U.S.A. would get a MAJOR overhaul. The new name of the land would be, “Prehistoric Nature’s Wonderland.” The new theme of the land would be that it is a land that was somehow mysteriously protected from the giant asteroid that destroyed all of the the dinosaurs on earth, and that the Dino Institute built a facility there for research. The two new rides in this land would be, “The Excavator,” and, “Train Ride Through Prehistoric Nature’s Wonderland (working title).” The Excavator would be a roller coaster/dark ride hybrid with a level of thrill equal to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Magic Kingdom. The main draw of this ride would be the dark ride scenes which would include huge audio animatronic dinosaurs. The Excavator would take over the land currently used by the Boneyard play area and Restaurantosaurus. Train Ride Through Prehistoric Nature’s Wonderland (working title) would be reminiscent of the ride, “Mine Train Ride Through Nature’s Wonderland,” which used to exist at Disneyland in California. The main difference would be that you are riding past audio animatronic dinosaurs. The ride would use peoplemover ride system, and it would take over the land currently used by Primeval Whirl, Triceratops Spin, Chester and Hester’s Dinorama, and the Theatre in the Wild. The ride DINOSAUR would be renamed to Countdown to Extinction and would have a slight story change, mainly evident in the queue and pre-show, to reflect the new theme of the land. I would also add a post show to the ride featuring an audio animatronic iguanodon, potentially repurposing the old one that used to be on the Discovery River.


In Asia, I’d add an omnimover dark ride based on the movie The Jungle Book, that would take over the land west of the Flights of Wonder bird show. Kali River Rapids would get a new name and story. The new name would be Tiger River Rapids and the new story would be that you are rafting down an ancient river into the ruins of the ancient temple. Once you enter the temple you learn that it is filled with tigers. Then audio animatronic tigers try to attack the raft and you make a last second plunge to safety. The ride would receive a track expansion on the land surrounding it as well.

Festival of the Lion King Now Open in New Harambe Theatre

In Africa, I’d add an omnimover dark ride based on the movie The Lion King behind the Festival of the Lion King theatre. I’d also demolish the Rafiki’s Planet Watch buildings for expansion land, as well as remove the railroad stations and the railroad tracks here.


Even though Pandora: the World of Avatar isn’t open yet, I would like to add a 3rd ride on its expansion pad, which is the cast parking lot just south of the land. I would also like to gut the Rainforest Cafe restaurant and move its entrance to be connected to Pandora. I would retheme it to Pandoran table service restaurant set up by Alpha Centurai Expeditions in the heart of the Pandoran rainforest, where the plants bioluminesce all of the time.

Now for the five completely new lands (technically seven if you want to count mini lands). The empty land east of Kilimanjaro Safaris would become two new lands: Beastly Kingdom, and the Australian Outback. The empty land north of Kilimanjaro Safaris would become two new lands: the Seven Seas and South America (which would include a Paradise Falls mini land). The empty land North West of Pandora would become one new land: the Pacific Northwest (which would include a Gravity Falls mini land).


Beastly kingdom- The theme would be mythical creatures and the setting would be Medieval Europe. The land would have two rides: Dragon’s Tower and Quest for the Unicorn. Dragon’s Tower would be a suspended roller coaster/dark ride hybrid. The story would be similar to original plans for the ride (which I would definitely recommend looking up if you haven’t already). Quest for the Unicorn would be a slow moving dark ride through a magical forest.


Australian Outback- The theme would be the Australian Outback and the setting would be a small town on the edge of the outback. The land would have two rides: Outback ATV Tours and Outback Hot Air Balloon Tours (both working titles). Outback ATV Tours would be an outdoor ride on a ride vehicle made to look like an ATV and would pass live animal exhibits, a lot like Kilimanjaro Safaris, except on this ride your vehicle runs on a track and your tour guide is a pre-recorded voiceover. Rough terrain in the ride would make for small thrills. Outback Hot Air Balloon Tours would be an indoor suspended dark ride focusing more on the Outback ecosystem. The ride would use physical sets and domed sceens. The land would also include a table service restaurant steakhouse.


The Seven Seas- The theme would be the ocean and saltwater animals and the setting would be under water. This land would be entirely indoors and would contain two rides: Crush’s Coaster and 20K Leagues Under the Sea. Crush’s Coaster would be a clone of the ride bearing the same name in Walt Disney Studios Paris. 20K Leagues Under the Sea would be a clone of the ride bearing the same name in Tokyo Disney Sea. The land would have a walk through attraction in Captain Nemo’s Nautilus submarine. The Nautilus would have seafood quick service restaurant and table service restaurant inside of it as well. The land would have many aquariums and would have a theatre to relocate Finding Nemo: The Musical there. The land would also be full of references to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.



South America- The theme would be South American animals and the setting would be the Amazon Rainforest. This land would include a mini land themed to Paradise Falls, from the movie UP. There would be two rides: Amazon River Cruise and UP: Paradise Falls Adventure. Amazon River Cruise would be similar to Kilimanjaro Safaris, but on a boat. The ride would be very reminiscent of the Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom, but with live animals. UP: Paradise Falls Adventure would be a simulator ride in Carl Fredricksen’s house taking you over the landscape of Paradise Falls. Paradise falls would have a walk through attraction in Charles Muntz’s zeppelin, which would be full of references to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.



Pacific Northwest- The theme would be North Western American animals, forests, and mountains. The setting would be based on the land Grizzly Peak in Disney’s California Adventure. This land would include a mini land Themed to Gravity Falls, Oregon (based on the popular Disney show Gravity Falls). There would be four new rides: Grizzly River Run, Grizzly Peak Wildlife Expedition, the Great Gravity Falls Golf Cart Tour, and Scuttlebutt Island Excursions. Grizzly River Run would be similar to the ride bearing the same name in Disney’s California Adventure, except it would be a log flume style ride and would have some grizzly bear audio animatronics. Grizzly Peak Wildlife Expedition would be a jeep adventure around Grizzly mountain. It would feature live animal exhibits of animals like bears, deer, and moose. The Great Gravity Falls Golf Cart Tour would be an outdoor and indoor slot car dark ride similar to Radiator Springs Racers in Disney’s California Adventure. Scuttlebutt Island Excursions would be a transportation ride similar to the Tom Sawyer Island Rafts in Magic Kingdom, they would depart from the main town and take you across a lake to Scuttlebutt Island, which would be similar to Tom Sawyer Island in Magic Kingdom. Scuttlebutt Island would have things to see from the tv show like the beavers with a chainsaw and character M&Gs, as well as a secret tunnel that takes you under the lake and off the island into the Gobblewonker’s cave behind the waterfall, inside of which would be a large Gobblewonker audio animatronic. Gravity falls would have a quick service restaurant called Lazy Susan’s Diner, which would serve pies and typical diner food.

And finally, I’d connect the whole park with a train running the perimeter of the park. There would be stations in The Oasis, Prehistoric Nature’s Wonderland, Asia, Beastly Kingdom, Australia, South America, Africa, and The Pacific Northwest. There would be two tracks, one running clockwise and one running counterclockwise. During the journey, the train would pass by animal exhibits and show scenes themed to the land that the train is passing. Outside of the park, I would like to create a skyway system that connects the front entrance of the park to the Animal Kingdom Lodge hotel which is very close to the park.


So there you have it. Those are my ideas for Animal Kingdom. I apologize for posting this so late at night, but hey, at least I still got it posted on Monday! I hope you enjoyed, and I hope to see you next week!


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