A Brief Disclaimer Before Tomorrow’s Post

Hello readers. I have an announcement to make based on how my posts will be structured moving forward. When I started this project, I had the ambitious idea that I would be making very large posts every week based on a specific park’s history, and I would then provide my thoughts on the park, including my review and my armchair imagineering ideas for the park. Now that I’ve had the blog running for a few weeks, I have come to realize that I can’t efficiently and effectively make a post containing all of that every week. So from now on I don’t think I’ll be writing large posts like that. Going forward, I plan to be writing three different types of posts: posts containing an overview of my armchair imagineering ideas for a specific park, posts containing more specific details for a specific land or attraction I have imagineered, and posts containing my review of a specific park. Tomorrow I plan on releasing a post with an overview of my ideas for Animal Kingdom. I hope this hasn’t upset anyone. See ya tomorrow!


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